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I love to capture the world I see around me with my camera. Check out the photos I've taken on personal and professional projects over the last few years.


I love being behind the camera just as much as I love being in front of it. I love making films, be it commercial, creative or just for a bunch of friends to have a good laugh. Check out some of my films over the year right here.

Velkommen! Bienvenue!

First of all let me say, “Welcome…welcome...welcome to Rohit Jayakaran's Official Website.” Of the 300 million websites on the Internet you chose to click on mine. Wonderful!!! For your safety there are four exits on this website…two in front, and two at the back. Please take the time right now to locate an emergency exit nearest to you. In case of loss in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will automatically be deployed. In case there is no turbulence, and you promise not to misbehave, hot meals with a choice of beverages will be served. Please keep your seatbelts fastened at all times, mainly because our equipment is old and the pilot is new. Feel free to click around and stretch whenever possible.

360 Panoramas

I love sharing my experiences with people in a way in which they feel like they have been transported into my world. This is the aim of my 360 Panos.