Name: Rohit Jayakaran
Location: Dubai
Occupation: Digital Director (Arabian Radio Network)
Rohit Jayakaran is a Stand Up Comedian and a former Radio Presenter with City 1016 in the UAE based in Dubai. He is an adventure traveller and a photographer with an eye for the extraordinary. Rohit heads up the digital division of the Arabian Radio Network as its Digital Director.


Rohit Jayakaran - The Story so far...kind of...

Getting accurate and verifiable information on the life of Rohit Jayakaran has been quite a task and has had us baffled for years. Several attempts were made in the past to engage the services of well-known historians and researchers to find out the true path that Rohit took to get to where he is today. However, all the historians and researchers believed this task to be too banal and uninteresting and in some cases downright insulting to take on. As a result, most of what you are about to read is based purely on hearsay, rumors and is almost in all cases unverifiable.

A good friend of Rohit told us during the course of this research that, “To know Rohit is to know what he has done in the past.” Taking these valuable words, we looked at what Rohit has done before he became a Stand Up Comedian and Radio Presenter.
From a very early age, Rohit had wanted to become an artist. He used to work extra hard in Arts and Crafts Class and finally one day he decided that he wanted to become a professional artist. He bought all the equipment to make this dream a reality and made his first commercial masterpiece. He then tired to sell it at an auction, but unfortunately auction houses at that time would not sell artwork under the category – Crayon Drawings.
Rohit however was not one to be disappointed. When he finished his final year in college he decided that he wanted to become a journalist. After his graduation he got a job with a newspaper covering their political beat. Times might not have been good for Rohit because he got fired in his very first week at the papers because all his political stories started with, “Once upon a time,” and ended with, “And they lived happily ever after…”
As Rohit walked away from the Newspaper office just two things echoed in his mind; first were the words of his sub-editor –“Rohit, less is more”; and second were the words of his Editor, “You’re FIRED.” Choosing not to take the negative to heart, Rohit decided to follow the advice of his sub-editor and ended up strolling into the zoo. Walking around Rohit realized that the animals in the zoo have it good. For them less is truly more. All they do is sit around in their cages and eat food all day. To add to this people pay good money to see them just hanging out in cages. Rohit almost applied to join the zoo, but about a minute before he signed the contract he saw a board outside what would have become his cage that said, “Please do not feed the animals.”
Seeing such injustice rekindled in Rohit his desire to become an activist once again. Years earlier while in school Rohit was what people would call a Social Activist. He once led a protest in school demanding lesser homework. The protest was going along really well but at some point in time Rohit realized that it was taking him more time to make posters for his protest than it was taking him to just do his homework. This resulted in Rohit boycotting the high-level negotiations and just getting on with 7th grade.
About two years later, after receiving a Harry Potter book as a birthday present, Rohit realized that perhaps his true calling was writing. He thought he would write a series of books that would become best sellers and then he would approach Hollywood Producers who would make the books into movies that would be big box office hits and then he would make millions and millions of dollars and sign autographs in shopping malls. Unfortunately his 9th grade teacher gave him way too much homework and Rohit never had the time to become a writer.
Life seemed to just chug along just like this for Rohit. It was as though he kept getting lemons and when he tired to make lemonade the juicer always conked. All would have been lost but for the fact that Rohit was by some strange twist of fate the star witness in a high-profile court case. After the much-publicized verdict, the court felt that Rohit’s safety would best be protected if he was in a witness relocation program. This relocation program gave him a new job, a new location and a new face. So now if you are looking for Rohit Jayakaran, he’s based in Dubai and works for a Radio Station called – City 1016. We’d love to say, “And the rest is history,” but we still cannot find a historian who is bothered to document this story.